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MAN IS PHYSICALLY inferior to many,if not most,other animals.his great advantage,however,is lack of specialization.he has the intelligence and dexterity to create new skills and to adapt to new an urban environmen,however,man does not use his body  as much as he would in the wild.primitive man is  thus much more the master of his own destiny than his urban counterpart.

                                                              The Human body
   Man's Large.complex brain more than makes up for the inadequacy of his other senses.because of this,he  can think logically,as well as having a sense of history, a conception of the future,and the ability to philosophize about his place in the universe.
  Man has field of vision of about 210 degrees around 120 degrees of which overlaps,creating stereoscopic  sight.this enable man to see objects in there dimensions and to judge distance.he can also see in full colour in daylight.
  Man has a good sense of smell,althoug it is not as powerfulas that of animals such as the wild,smell is useful for identifying food,the presence of other creatures, and dangers such as forest fires.
  Wild animals are used to listening for danger urban man,however,lives in a noisy environment,which can reduce the sensitivity of his ears,and his desire to listen carefully.
  Humans have teeth both for cutting meat,and for grinding and chewing plants.the teeth are thus adapted for an omnivorous diet.
  Taste buds on the tongue allow humans to perceive sour,sweet,salty,and bitter flavours.the brain interprets information from the foods smell to give  aparticular taste.
  By pumping oxygen-rich blood around the body,the heart keeps all the other organs working.whithout regular exercise,however,the heart becomes unfit,stopping the    rest of the body from functioning properly.
8.Breating  rate
  The breating rate of humans depends on how much oxygen the brain thinks the body needs.the rate increases during exertion of fright,and at high altitudes,where the air contains a low amount of oxygen.
  Humans  are still designed to walk on four  legs,and back trouble is often the price for standing up right on two.
  As well as protecting internal organs,skin control body temperature through sweating.having lost most of its protective hair over the canturies,human skin now has to be shielded from sun,rain and cold.
11.Opposing Thumbs
  Humans have thumbs and fingers that can work independently and grip objects.this allows for the making and use of complex tools,and ability that greatly contributes to mans adaptability.
  Certain joints,such as the knees,are weak and prone to urban life,humans do not get enough exercise .this highlights these design weaknesses.
  With all the weight of the body resting on the feet,injuries and other foot problems are common, especially in rough terrain.
                                                                      ~The Human Animal~

Man Is bardly a physical match for most other the wild he can become prey to other predators,unable to defend himself with talons,claws,teeth,or break,or to protect himsefl with a carapace or hide.he lacks the eyesight and sense of smell of other hunters,and also the speed to outrun game.he can not maintain body temperature in some environments without special is, however, a natural survivor,forced through physical weakness to develop his dexterity and intelligence-the ultimate survival skills.


By nature,we are all survivors,driven by the desire to live rather than die,fired up by fear whenever our lives are threatened.however,in purely physical terms,we are poorly equipped to stand up either to the environment or  to our natural enemies.way back down our evolutionary line,this weakness became an enormous advantage,forcing the ape-creatures from which we developed to use their brains to overcome adversaries stronger than themselves.the more these early humans use brains rather than brawn,the more these advantage they achieved over their natural enemies,and the more their brains power and dexterity developed.we are descended from the ones that continued to think ,experiment,and persevere,and who adapted to change,thus surviving while others natures best survivors,all we require in order to translate our day-to-day survival technoques into un familiar environments,is some additional knowledge and a few practical skills.
Natural survivor
Although urban man is generally out of touch with the natural world,and finds it morethreatening than his ancestors did,he can easily adapt to surviving in the wild if he has to. the biggest threat to survival is far,but this can be overcome with a little knowledge and imagination.

~THE COMMANDO SURVIVAL MANUAL~===> The Practical Guide To Mastering Outdoor Skills And Staying Alive Against The Odds


Whether you are an avid outdoors person or a tentative tenderfoot,whether you are setting off on an expedition or would simply like to ensure that you have the knowledge and techniques just in case you need them, the commando survival manual will  teach you the necessary skills  for livingin the wild-from setting up camp to findingfood,from surviving a blizzard to signalling for help.

Getting back to basic
Do you know how to make a fire?build a shelter?collectrain water? the commando survival manual clearly demontrates hundret of specifictechniques for staying warm and dry,obtaining food and water,travelling,and getting help.

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 ~View Video Kami~

Persahabatan Adalah Segala2nya,Canda tawa  susah senang dirasakan bersama,tp kenapa ketika salah satu sahabat kita ada yang melakukan khilaf,kita harus mencaci maki dia,seharusnya kita bisa memberikan kritikan yang sifatnya bisa mengubah sikap dan sifat dia.bukan malah sebaliknya harus memfonish dia.
semoga persahabatan kita kembali seperti dolo lagi
=:D I Love you All :D=

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~Marhaban Ya ramadhan~

~Bulan  Puasa~
Puasa adalah menahan diri dari makan dan minum dan hal2 yang membatalkan puasa.Bulan puasa sangat berkaitan erat dengan kesabaran.dengan sabar kita bisa mengendalikan semua hal2 yang dapat membatalkan puasa kita,sabar unk tidak emosi,sabar untuk tidak makan atupun minum,sabar untuk tidak melakukan perbuatan2 maksiat,dan semua bentuk keinginan yang sifatnya bisa membatalkan puasa.Bulan puasa adalah bulan yang paling dimuliakan dan paling disucikan diantara bulan2 yang lainnya,jadi tidak salah apabila kita manfaatkan bulan suci ramadhan ini dengan perbuatan2 baik,berusaha menjauhi hal2 yang keji dan perbuatan2 yang dilarang oleh agama.jangan sampai  Allah Yang maha kuasa memurkaan kita karena kita telah menodai bulan yang penuh ampunan ini, inilah kesempatan kita untuk menebus dosa2 kita yang kita perbuat baik sengaja ataupun tidak.Dalam bulan puasa ada satu malam,dimana malam ituh sangat dimuliakan,sangat istimewa dan sangat besar sekali fadilatnya.ia suatu malam yang ditunggu tunggu oleh para anbia dan parasalihin karena tidak terdapat pada bulan2 lain yaitu malam lailatul Qadar, malam yang lebih baik dari pada 1000 bulan.barang siapa yang beramal pada malam itu akan diberikan ganjaran pahala oleh allah seperti beramal selama 1000 bulan atau lebih 83 tahun.keistimewaan malam lailatul qadar ini telahdinyatakan oleh Allah swt dalam kitab suci Al-qur'an surah Al-Qadar (1-5) yang maksudnya:Sesungguhnya kami telah menurunkan(Al-qur'an")ini pada malam Lailatul Qadar.Dan apa jalannya engkau dapat mengetahui apa dia kebesaran malam Lailatul Qadar itu? malam Lailatul Qadar Lebih baik dari pd 1000 bulan,pada malam itu turunlah  malaikat jibril dg izin tuhan karena  membawa segala perkara,yang ditaqdirkan berlaku pd tahun yang berikutnya.Muliakanlah  dan sejahterakanlah malam yang penuh berkah  tersebut  hingga terbit Fajar.(Ayat 5,surah Al-Qadar).
Berlakunya Malam Lailatul Qadar:
1. Rosulluloh SAW bersabda:'' Bersedialah dengan bersungguh-sungguh untuk menemui malam lailatul qadar pada malam-malam ganjil disepuluh malam akhir bulan Ramadhan''(Hadis Riwayat aishah r.a).
2. Dari Muawiyah bin Abu sufian r.a dr nabi SAW beliau bersabda:'' Lailatul Qadar itu ialah pada malam kedua pulauh tujuh''(Hadis riwayat Abu Daud).
3. Dari Ibnu Umar r.a :'' Bahwa beberapa orang sahabat Nabi SAW melihat Lailatul Qadar dalam mimpi pada tujuh hari terakhir bulan Ramadhan''.
4. Rossulluloh SAW bersabda  :''Diperlihatkan kepadaku kebenaran mimpi kalian yaitu telah sesuai pada tujuh hari terakhir,oleh itu barang siapa yang ingin mencari malam Lailatul Qadar tersebut maka carilah ia pada tujuh malam terakhir Ramadhan''(Hadis riwayat bukhari dan muslim).
5. Para ulama berpendapat berbeda mengenai jatuhnya malam Lailatul Qadar  yaitu pada malam ke 27  dan pada malam2 ganjil anatara 21 hingga malam 29 dibulan ramadhan.
 Allah swt   merahasiakan kapan turunya malam Lailatul Qadar itu Bertujuan  supaya hamba2nya senantiasa menghidupkan malam2 dibulan ramadhan, lebih2 lagi pada sepuluh malam terakhir yang penuh dengan keberkatan itu.
 Amalan2  Pd malam Lailatul Qadar,Amal ibadat sewajarnya  dan melipat gandakannya pada sepuluh malam terakhir diantara amalan2 itu ialah:
1. Memohon ampun segala dosa yang terdahulu dengan cara banyak beristiqfar
2. Mengerjakan sholat2 sunat dan sholat qada'
3. Membaca Al-Qur'an
4. Berzikir dan bersholawat kepada junjungan kita nabi agung muhammad SAW.
5. Mengerjakan sholat isya',sholat tarawih dan sholat subuh secara berjamaah.
 Insyallah Allah akan senantiasa memuliakan kita ,di malam yang penuh berkah ituh Amin Ya robal alamin.

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~Arti Dan Makna Misteri Illahi~

Arti kata misteri Illahi.Dalam Bahasa barat ,Mystery yang artinya  rahasia/ keghaiban/Kesembunyian,sedangkan illahi diambil dari bahasa arab yang artinya Allah.
Jadi Bisa disimpulkan dan artikan Bahwa Misteri Illahi Adalah Rahasia Allah Yang tanpa seorangpun  tau apa isi rahasia itu....!

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~Kutipan Dari Misteri Illahi~

  • Ada bunga indah berduri
    Ada siang malam dan pagi
    Anak adam datang dan pergi, 
    Itulah misteri illahi 

    Burung elang juga kenari,
    Angin sepoi juga  tsunami,
    Ada hidup dan juga mati,
    Itulah misteri illahi. 

    Bulan bintang dan matahari,
    Musim2 silih berganti,
    Panas dingin salju dan semi,                         
  • Itulah mister illahi.